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maarten van severen is probably one the most reknown belgian designer. with his simple, clear and well thought-out designs he gained international fame and recognition. his creations were added to the collections of famous furniture manufacturers like vitra, edra and bulo. also the interiors he designed are much discussed. the famous dutch architect rem koolhaas entrusted the interiors of several projects such as the villa floirac, seatle public library and the casa di musica. also rolf fehlbaum, conservator of the vitra-designmuseum approached him with one of his design assignments.

as son of an abstract painter (dan van severen),maarten van severen chose to study architecture at ghent art school sint-lucas. three years after he completed his studies he worked in various agencies on interior design and furniture projects. in 1986 he started to make furniture. the first piece, a long steel table, has since then been recreated as an aluminum model, which has been further refined over the years. in 1989 he produced his first wooden table; long, slim and pure in form. in 1990 he turned his attention to chairs. chair 03 and 04 are the first to become industrial produced. in 1998 he introduced the blue bench, which naturally become part of the edra collection. his work, hand produced in his workshop in ghent belgium, reflects his quest for perfection in form, detail and fabrication. many pieces designed by maarten van severen have been showcased in exhibitions around europe. in 2005 he died at the age of 48 due to cancer.
  • 1989: villa d'all ava (paris), oma: kitchen, footbridge, stair

  • 1997: house in floirac, oma: interior design

  • 1997: entrance hall to museum of art in gent/belgium

  • 1998: interior of the entrance hall to city hall in gent/belgium, etc.

  • 1998: collaboration with vitra on the .03 stacking chair

  • 1999: pont du gard, nīmes: reorganisation

  • 2000: concert hall in porto, om: seating

  • 2000: library seatle, oma: furniture, library

  • 2003: van abbemuseum: library, bookshop, auditorium

  • 1985: produces his furniture in his own workshop

  • 1996: 'u line' lighting systems for light

  • 1997: blue bench, edra

  • 1998: .03 chair, vitra

  • 1999: lcp, kartell

  • 2000: .04 chair, vitra

  • 2001: mvs chaise , vitra

  • 2003: cutlery, alessi
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