music at the drydocks

in december 2002 competitions opened for ďthe little islandĒ in antwerp. project2 participated in all five. remarkable was their collaboration with notorious architects like diener & diener, gigon / guyer and david chipperfield architects. together with herzog and de meuron they entered the design for a huge concert and conference hall on the drydocks.

the little island is one of the oldest still existing port neighborhoods in belgium. itís quite remarkable that itís an environment thatís still like it was 100 years ago. an enormous piece of land which could be added to a city and change it drastically. therefore a good master plan and the need for high quality architecture are required. project2 thinks to be able to realize them both and to give antwerp a whole new emanation.

the concert building will be given the unique place of the drydocks, which will result in a magnificent panoramic view while walking through the building in to the concert hall. an enormous glass facade will be like a huge window on the city.

though that the original design is set to be higher than the antwerp cathedral, the designers said not to have problems with lowering the building so that the cathedral remains the highest building of the city.

architects: jacques herzog and pierre de meuron
location: antwerp, belgium
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