Vincent Van Duysen

courtesy: Alberto Piovano
for many years vincent van duysen stands for obstinate minimalism and formal reduction. his architecture and interior design have a sensual approach, supplied with an explicit clarity. itís an architecture of quietude and tranquillity, always going back to the essence. vincent van duysen rejects all sorts of kitsch, and is not subject to trends at all. he keeps to the path of his own timeless style.

in 1985 vincent van duysen graduated in architecture at the higher institute for architecture sint-lucas, ghent (belgium). from 1986 to 1987 he worked as aldo cibic's assistant in milan. he finally founded his own architecture office in antwerp in 1990. his qualities as an interior architect didn't stay unnoted. hence, he got commissioned for a lot of interior designs, but there is more. he also got assignments to design lighting and furniture for producing companies such as obumex, modular, b&b, cappellini en appart. in these days, van duysen is operating on international level. his realizations are spread all around europe, and can even be admired in tokyo and new york.

his project "concordia" was nominated for the belgian architecture awards. he dismantled the office building of this belgian fabric producer and gave it a new addition. a monolitic appearance in an industrial surrounding characterizes the new building. the project "house dc" was nominated in 2002.

ilse crawford, who was an elle decoration editor in britain, noticed van duysen too. she was the creative force behind the new swarovski chandelier collection in milan. that collection was supposed to undo the old-fashioned image of the earlier swarovski crystal ware. and it worked; the new result was a fresh air over crystal in general. it was exciting, innovating and astounding. but also van duysen's design can be described in that way, since he was inspired by gigantic baroque chandeliers with profusion as main message. this is also clearly visible in his design in which a huge number of crystals drop down on a table, causing an immense sparkling explosio . during the milanese design week, van duysen's new design for cappellini was exhibited. the design is called "nido", italian for 'nest', and is a seat entirely spanned in leather. the created unity is typical for van duysenís work. he also created a successful collection for b&b, and there would be further cooperation on the way.

a first monography came out for the spanish publisher gustavo gili in 2002.

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