Villa Garbald
Villa Garbald


The villa Garbald was built in 1864 based upon the plans of Gottfried Semper. The landhouse is located near the Italian border of Switzerland in Castasegna. The original owners were a custom authorities director Agostino Garbald and his wife Johanna. The ETH Zurich and the foundation Garbald restaurated the building in 2004, together with the construction of a contemporary extension. The extension was designed by Basel based architects Quintus Miller and Paola Maranta. The villa and its extension now serve as an seminary for the ETH Zürich. As such the building makes an imaginary connection with an other major Semper project, the ETH buildings in Zürich.


The garden of the villa Garbald is open to the public. On Saterday afternoon a guided visit is possible. On some other occasions it is also possible to enter the building. When exhibitions are organised for example.

Via Principale 5
7608 Castasegna