Bruder Klaus Chapel
Bruder Klaus Chapel


The chapel was built in honour of Niklaus von Fluehe, called Brother Claus and was donated by farmer Hermann-Josef and Trudel Scheidtweilerand. The chapel was erected in the fields of Wachendorf, a small village of Mechernich.

It was designed by Peter Zumthor, who also made the design for the Kolumba museum in the nearby city of Koln (Cologne). The base for the design is the farmers concrete, which had to be led layer by layer every 24 hours round a timber teepee. In a final stage the teepee got burned out. Only the blackened texture remains, enlightened by the skylight of the teepee. The concrete wall was perforated with glass tubes.

The chapel was inaugurated on May 19th 2007.


In the village of Wachendorf a mark shows you a field lot where to park your car. In the distance you can see the chapel. A 10 minute walk will get you there.

You can also drive further into the fields an park near the chapel. But approaching the chapel by foot is recommended as experience.