david adjaye: houses
david adjaye's practice combines material inventiveness, creative clients, and modest budgets to produce a refined and comprehensive body of work. adjaye was born in tanzania, and his wide-ranging education, both cultural and formal, has allowed him to respond deftly to wildly differing projects, from urban contexts to elegant pastoral retreats.

the innovation in adjaye's career is exemplified in his residential works for a wide variety of clients and budgets. perhaps his best known projects are the houses he has created in a range of settings for people such as artist chris ofili and actor ewan macgregor, some of which have never been published.

this book is adjaye's first monograph, and it documents thirteen of his most important projects, presented through descriptions, detailed plans, and photographs. there is also a series of "portfolios," visual essays that highlight the tactile, luminous, and luxurious nature of adjaye's work, and a reference section. 430 illustrations, 162 in color.
author peter allison, david adjaye
publisher thames & hudson
pages 256
isbn 0500342059
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