51n4e: space producers
peter swinnen, johan anrys, and freek persyn call themselves 51n4e, a name that refers to the geographic coordinates of their place of business, located in brussels, belgium. the somewhat immodest subtitle that underscores their cryptic collective moniker--space producers--has been justified by their transformations of dwelling spaces, their recent renovation of the groeninge museum in bruges, and their most important commission to date, the conversion of an old brewery in mechelen into a cultural center. one of the most talented and promising architecture bureaus in northern europe, their collective has recently been awarded the prestigious maaskant prize for young architects, the most important prize in the netherlands. recent winners include liesbeth van der pol, neutelings rietdijk, and adriaan geuze--all dutch, as you can see. 51n4e are the first non-dutch winners ever. in recognition of this honor, 51n4e is being treated to a first monograph; space production will present a complete overview of the bureau's work, accompanied by essays about their distinctive design ideas.
author andreas ruby
publisher nai publishers
pages 160
isbn 9056623591
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