mies van der rohe at work
this paperback reprint of a book initially published in 1974 delves into the ideology behind many of mies van der rohe's most famous architectural marvels, including the seagram building in new york city and the lake shore drive apartments in chicago. van der rohe, father of the glass and steel modernist skyscraper, affected his field more dramatically than most of his contemporaries. from his earliest years as an apprentice architect in germany in the first decade of the 20th century, van der rohe pursued a clear set of ideals about the nature of building. peter carter, a student of and later staff architect for van der rohe, guides readers through his mentor's commitment to structure as the determining factor of form and architecture as an illustration of its civilization. it may seem old hat to today's readers that form follows function, but the notion was very avant-garde during the middle of the century, when van der rohe was at his height. the book is filled with photographs, building statistics, architectural drawings, and models that paint a clear picture of the philosophy behind these buildings that are such emblems of grace and strength. quotes from van der rohe himself--peppered throughout--are particularly insightful: "it is often thought that heaviness is synonymous with strength. in my opinion it is just the opposite." from his high-rise skeleton-frame buildings to landscaping to private homes, this truth is borne out. mies van der rohe at work is perfectly suited for an aficionado of the great architect's work and readers who want to look at and read about great buildings. [192 pages, 300 black-and-white illustrations and biographical chronology] --j.p. cohen (amazon review)
author peter carter, ludwig mies van der rohe
publisher phaidon
pages 192
isbn 0714838969
barcelona pavillion by mies van der rohe
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